Beautiful and Elegant Slate Roofing in Sydney

Slate is both beautiful and elegant and is one of the highest quality natural building materials available. Apart from the undoubtable aesthetic appeal, particularly on heritage properties, slate is incredibly durable. Slate has low water absorption, making it resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing. Natural slate is also fire resistant and energy efficient. Slate offers a long lasting weathertight roof with an incredibly long lifespan.

We use only the best and most sought after slate tiles in the world: Welsh Penrhyn, Canadian Glendyne and Spanish Pizarras.

The following features make Slate a comparable roofing solution:

  • Incredible lifespan – a hundred years is considered normal
  • Notable style and elegance
  • A variety of colours to choose from
  • Choice of smooth or textured finish
  • Variety of grains to add depth to colour and texture
  • Customisable sizes and shapes for decorative purposes
  • Waterproof, fireproof, heat and acid resistant
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Environment friendly

Architectural Leadwork provides quality slate and lead roofing as well as metal roof restoration in Sydney. We can help with installation, maintenance, repair and restoration. If you are considering slate as a material for the roof of your residential or commercial property, give us a call. As one of the leading companies specialising in roof restoration in Sydney, we make sure that all our tradesmen are trained and qualified to handle slate roof installation and repairs.