Copper Roofing

The beauty of copper roof and copper gutter is unmatched. Property owners and builders have many critical decisions and choices to make when it comes to renovation, construction and repair or replacement of copper roofing. Whether on a residential or commercial building structure, copper adds an element of elegance, sophistication and prestige that is widely admired.

Today, copper roofing and copper gutter have surged to mark its own beauty and popularity due to the fact it is a relatively light metal to work with compared to steel. Copper roofing is becoming increasingly popular on residential homes due to materials many benefits over traditional types of roofing materials. Residential or commercial property owners who install copper roofing and with careful maintenance can expect copper to last for many years to come.

Copper is malleable, it is easy to work with and ability to form complex shapes making custom jobs much easier. Copper is also a very low maintenance metal due to the fact it resist corrosions and overtime develops its own unique appearance. Therefore, for such reasons, there’s no coating required to protect the surface of copper, as you would require for steel.

Copper is durable. Copper is a long lasting metal as it is able to withstand extreme temperature changes and still hold up well under adverse climate conditions. Many homes built today use low quality roofing supplies therefore after 2-3 years it has to undergo roof repair work or even replacement. It is fair to say copper roofing is expensive option but cost pays off over the life as property owners save on other maintenance cost.

Architectural Leadwork uses 75% recycled copper as it is an environment friendly roofing material. It provides homeowners confidence that natural metal will not harm air around them.

A copper roof is a beautiful investment to your property. Architectural Leadwork installs copper roofs, copper cupolas, copper awnings, copper chimney caps and copper weathervanes are easy ways to add distinctive look to your property. We are the copper roof experts in Sydney.

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