Radiation Shielding Products in Australia

Architectural Leadwork provide a range of radiation products which can be used for Radiation Shielding purposes.

Architectural Leadwork serves clients all over Australia. Our clients predominantly come from the Medical and Construction industries where specialist products and materials are required in order to meet compliance obligations. We assist fitout builders working on new fitouts for Dental or X-ray rooms and we have worked with a number of Universities across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne looking to equip research laboratories and facilities with shielding products. Architectural Leadwork is able to provide certification documentation relative to each project.

Lead sheet used for shielding purposes comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.44mm to 3.65mm. Our thin lead sheet has often been used by the medical industry in X-ray rooms and for portable X-ray screens, while our heavy grade lead sheet is used by the marine industry in nuclear powered vessels – both to protect from radiation. For radiation shielding applications, both medical and industrial, lead sheet is often laminated to other materials for convenience of handling. Architectural Leadwork can either supply the lead sheet or manufacture the radiation shielded boards according to specifications provided by the clients.

Lead Lined wall lining materials

Architectural Leadwork can manufacture and supply a variety of lead lined wall lining materials including, MDF, structural ply and plasterboard. Our lead boards are manufactured using a heat laminated press.


The following points should be considered when sourcing lead lined boards and will help us with your enquiry:

  • What thickness of lead to you need? (You may need to refer to architect specifications or clarify with a physicist).
  • How high does the lead lining need to go?
  • Do you require lead glass or a lead lined door?
  • Do you have the measurements for the walls, doors and glass?

If you are still unsure of the thickness you require, then give us a call. We have a team of experts that can review and advise on individual project requirements.